Monday, July 4, 2016

I'm back!

Kawasaki Nomad 1600 in Cambridge, Ohio
I've been gone for a while. Haven't updated this blog in some time. I won't bore you with the reasons why, but I'm back now. In the coming weeks, I will share lot's of stories, pictures, and adventures of what's been going on lately and what I've experienced as summer goes on. Lot's of motorcycle rides are planned. I plan to do some poker runs on the Nomad and hang with my biker family. I figure to share some insights from golf & fishing excursions too, and maybe some car shows and motorcycle related events as well.

For now, I'll show you my getaway ride that steals me away for hours on end. The Nomad is a smooth riding beast of a bike that handles well in the twisties, is a good looking ride, and is my escape from the doldrums of life.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Little brother.....

Brothers......we grew up fighting like all siblings do. I blackmailed mine and gave my little brother a hard time. I got him in trouble more times than I can count. I even knocked him out once in a boxing match in the basement of our childhood home we grew up in. I remember smoking weed and doing other drugs together, in addition to whatever liquor we could get a hold of. We spent little time together and rarely had anything good to say to each other. We were as different as night and day.

I grew up with a love for the outdoors going hunting, fishing, and playing golf with Dad. My brother, he grew up with the mechanical aptitude and a love for racing which is what Dad also did. We all went together to the stock car races when Dad and his lifelong friend Lenny were racing their stock car in Coshocton and Somerset, Ohio. The smell of gas, the overwhelming roar of engines pushed to the edge on a short track, and fresh smell of dirt flying from the wheels are as vivid today as they were then.

My brother has grown into motocross racing. He has no inhibitions to tearing down a motor and rebuilding, whereas I would hire someone to do the same job because I neither had the time nor the desire to spend endless hours busting my knuckles into bloody stumps, cussing up a tirade, and pushing my blood pressure thru the roof with my then short, sometimes impatient temper.

Now I'm much older and more mature and I see the likes and similarities that weren't apparent in the younger years. Today we both ride motorcycles. My brother rides motocross mostly and a little street when it's convenient. I on the other hand, am the vice-president for a local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association called the Rolling Prophets and I  ride a bagger all the time regardless of the weather, and mostly just pick a direction and go for hours on end until the bottom side says enough is enough.

We both enjoy photography, especially 35mm film photography. I've shot traditional film for years and especially have a love for black & white photography. Today, like most folks, I've transitioned to Digital photography, which is convenient & inexpensive mostly, while little brother on the other hand has stayed traditional. Over the last few years he has become proficient in Photoshop and extracting out a masterpiece from a film shot that has been digitized that to this day amazes me. The level of insight into the shot, the emotion of his subject is unmatched, and the knack for capturing the flicker of a moment in time is beyond compare. I've come to appreciate my brother and his love for photography and taking a slice of time and transitioning it into masterpiece which intrigues me.

We're both grandfathers and cherish our time with our grandchildren. We both show signs of chrome in our hairlines, but we don't let it slow us down. We both work long hours and are successful in our individual careers. Through it all, I think we've both turned out OK and I couldn't be more proud to have Mike as my brother. Thanks bro for always being there.

Monday, July 13, 2015

What have you done?

Just this morning it crossed my mind: who am I and what have I done? How rich has my life experience been? After some pondering, I've compiled the following:

I'm the first high school & college graduate in my family history.
I married and am still married to my high school sweetheart of 35 yrs.
I'm the first Freas to adopt children as my own.
I've served in a church choir, as an usher, served in the music ministry, and sang a solo in front of hundreds of people.
I've served as a bass vocalist in the gospel group "The Voices of Highest Praise"
I've coached little league and varsity level baseball teams, in addition to girls varsity softball teams.
I've coached boys Upwards Basketball teams.
I'm a 3rd degree black belt & taught the  discipline of Tae Kwon Do martial arts.
I was a welder for many years.
I was an Apple Certified Professional and a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).
I served as a supervisor for RR Donnelley in Prepress & Programming.
I am a business owner & proprietor.
I am a Graphic Designer
I'm an experienced web page creator & designer
I've had some of my photos published in  the nationally recognized Sierra Magazine.
I've had photos published in Ohio Magazine
I am an experienced Photographer
I publish 4 different bi-weekly automotive advertising magazines, and a monthly community newspaper, in addition to a monthly newsletter for a local motorcycle ministry.
I did a tandem jump skydive @ 9,000 feet on my 28th birthday.
I've been recognized for a FishOhio Recognition Award.
I harvested a beautiful 11pt Whitetail buck.
I've served as a First Responder for CERT of Licking County
I'm a diehard Ohio State Buckeye fan
I play golf regularly.
I'm the Christian Motorcylist Association State of Ohio webmaster.
I'm an avid motorcyclist of about 8 yrs.
I've ridden the Tail of the Dragon on my motorcycle successfully twice.
I've been a VP of a local chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association and also as Road Captain & Chapter Chaplain.
I'm a sinner saved by grace whom loves to share about Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior.
I've ran a 5k race
I've run & finished the Warrior Dash.
I'm a licensed CCW permit holder

There is more to share, but for now, this should give you some idea of who I am and what I'm all about, in case you ever wondered.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Who am I?

I look old. It's hard to believe I am 52 yrs old now. It seems like just yesterday I was a pimply faced teen with the whole future ahead of me. Time slips by so quick & deceptively. I wouldn't change a single chapter of my life though. Each year of my life has brought new experiences which has forged me into the man I am today.

I have been married 34 yrs to the same beautiful woman.
We've shared a wonderful life together and raised  3 sons and 3 daughters. 

Now we move onto the next phase of life with grandchildren and fast approaching retirement. After a long journey, my children have grown to be wonderful adults ready to change the world and leave an indelible mark upon our legacy we've begun.

I'm so proud God has blessed us beyond measure and has given us with a unique life, family, business & experiences few can compare too. When the time comes to pass, our story will be the beginnings of a new chapter in what lies ahead. 

Be blessed!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Another piece of jewelry?

I've never been one to wear much jewelry. I always felt it's presence as a weight on my life and it's life was easily tarnished and perishable or easily broke or lost. However, my wife bought me a crucifix attached to a necklace Christmas  2013 and I've worn it almost daily since its purchase. I find comfort in its meaning. The weight of it is a reminder of the price that was paid on my behalf, and it's symbolism a constant assurance of the love for which it represents. The cruelty & brutality of the the cross transcends time to today and reminds me no matter where I am in my walk in this life, I was shown mercy and compassion through Christ's sacrifice on that day when He was placed upon the tree of life and paid the ultimate price, yet did it on my behalf that I would be shown the depth of His love.
So, I wear this jewelry as a reminder I am loved by my Savior and my wife beyond the bonds of this short life.